Main Street Water Quality Demonstration - Little Rock, AR

Crafton Tull served as the design consultant for the City of Little Rock on the Main Street Water Quality Demonstration. In July of 2012, the City of Little Rock was awarded a $900,000 federal grant by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) to develop a water quality demonstration project to be implemented on Main Street. The project included work in the 100, 200, 300, and 500 blocks of Main Street to demonstrate the benefits of green infrastructure applications such as porous pavers, tree wells, rain gardens, and other water filtration practices to enhance water quality.  One of the project's goals was restoring a connection to the hydrologic cycle within the urban environment while educating the community about such techniques and their benefits. As an educational component, the City of Little Rock partnered with eStem Public Charter School.  The project is now used by students at all levels as a living laboratory to learn about water quality.

Our team worked closely with City Staff, ANRC, Community Stakeholders, and the University of Arkansas Community Design Center, which was responsible for conceptual designs and technical guidance on the project. Ultimately, construction documents were developed and advertised for bid late in 2013. The construction costs were funded by the initial grant and additional matching funds from the City of Little Rock. This portion of Main Street serves as an example to the state and region, as well as the heart of the planned Creative Corridor.