Old Town Study - Broken Arrow, OK

The City of Broken Arrow contracted Crafton Tull to provide an engineering and planning developmental study for the Old Town area bordered by Elm Place on the west, Kenosha Street on the north, 9th Street to the east, and Houston Street to the south. The project was divided into three basic phases.

Phase I: Information Collection Phase was completed on September 25, 2009.  During this phase, the streets, alleys, sidewalks, bar ditches, drainageways, streetscapes, gateways, trails and sidewalks were inventoried and evaluated.  In addition, the City provided GIS information and drainage reports that were relevant to the area of the study.  

Phase II: Preliminary Engineering and Planning Phase, Crafton Tull determined drainage areas, flows, and capacity of creeks in order to provide drainage improvements.  The roadways were evaluated for repairs and alleyways were evaluated for potential uses.  Preliminary design parameters and budgets were developed during this phase.  

Phase III: Final Engineering and Planning Phase During this final phase, final estimates, design schedules, and construction schedules will be established.  In addition, a probable work package will be planned for that can begin the design phase at the conclusion of this study.  This probable work package will be prepared and submitted by the City and given to Crafton Tull to review and include in the final report.

Broken Arrow’s Old Town district has a unique history that tells a story through its layout and architecture. This story should be seen as an opportunity with regard to attracting visitors, shoppers and/or future residents. Enhancements to the commercial districts of Old Town (along Main Street) should respect the character of that history. Crafton Tull planning recommendations are intended to complement the existing ‘sense of place’ while improving the circulation (both pedestrian and vehicular), drainage, and quality of life of the downtown area. As discussed in the Downtown Master Plan adopted in July of 2005, the type of development that is appropriate for the Old Town area varies in both character and scale from what could occur along the Broken Arrow Expressway. By promoting economic growth, along with directing development to the appropriate locations, the City will ensure that Old Town’s character and historical charm can be maintained and enhanced.