U.S. Highway 70 over Lake Raymond Gary - Fort Towson, OK

This 1.5-mile section of U.S. Highway 70 through Fort Towson, Oklahoma begins just west of the intersection of State Highway 109 and extends east past the intersection with State Highway 209. Crafton Tull prepared construction plans for replacement of an old two-lane steel girder bridge over Lake Raymond Gary, and extension of a triple 10 foot x 6 foot concrete box culvert and roadway grading, drainage and paving. The bridge replacement used phased construction and included three 70’ precast beam spans and 80’ of clear roadway. Portions of the road that passes through Fort Towson were widened to five lanes; with the majority of the widening occurring on the north side of the existing roadway. In rural areas, the two-lane highway was improved with wider shoulders and safety features.