S.E. 28th/Olive Street - Bentonville/Rogers, AR

This was a cooperative project between the City of Rogers and the City of Bentonville to widen a congested overpass linking the two cities over I-49. The project included widening the existing bridge and approaches to five lanes, installing traffic signals at the intersections on both ends of the bridge, and various widening and improvements to the intersections. The 267-foot-long bridge has a decorative stone pattern on the concrete bridge rails and retaining walls, decorative traffic signal enhancements and roadway lighting, and an ornamental fence. A key element to this project was the re-alignment of the 46th Street intersection on the Rogers side to eliminate the existing offset intersection, resulting in a more efficient four-way geometric layout. In addition, an “adaptive” traffic control system was utilized with the traffic signals to further improve the traffic flow efficiency. Storm water drainage was improved along the Turtle Creek Tributary as part of the project.