Arkansas Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Crafton Tull provided support as a sub-consultant to Toole Design Group on the Arkansas Statewide Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan for The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) in association with Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism, the Arkansas Health Department, and the State Police.

The objectives of the plan included:

  • Establishing laws and policies to empower State agencies, local governments, and public interest groups
  • Developing a Statewide bicycle and pedestrian program
  • Assisting ARDOT in their goals to more effectively use Federal funding (spending goals for select programs, reviewing and updating bicycle and pedestrian accommodation policies, roadway design standards and maintenance policies)

Additionally, the plan identified a Statewide bikeway network, developed marketing strategies, and coordinated partnerships that enable the state and local communities to realize the economic benefits of a robust bicycle tourism industry. Crafton Tull assisted with presentations at steering committee meetings and public meetings in all five regions of the state. The planning assistance included gathering base data, reviewing recommendations, and providing images and edits for the final document.