UCA Bear Hall & Stadium Suites

The design team of Crafton Tull and Kirksey worked with the UCA staff to design a new 114,000 square foot residence hall located behind Estes Stadium.  Five thousand square feet on the 4th floor serves as the athletic department offices. An additional 10,500 square feet is incorporated into the project as the 5th floor of the residence hall to serve as 11 stadium skyboxes with an adjoining lobby and other amenities. The new residence hall is designed with two bedroom suites capable of utilizing one or two beds per room giving the University a new building with a flexible bed occupancy of between 350 to over 400 beds depending on the arrangement. These suites also offer the best utilization of the square footage, keeping the budget costs down. The skybox access and the residence hall will have separate entries provided for at the ground level. Also on the lower floor are the commons areas, classroom/meeting spaces, laundry, and other student service facilities. The layout will require all students entering the hall to pass by these shared spaces, thereby encouraging interaction with other students. The architectural characteristics of the building will be consistent with the academic look and feel previously established on campus while providing the most up to date technology and amenities for its residents. All rooms have exterior facing or courtyard facing windows with some having the extra amenity of facing the stadium. This new addition will be the best of both form and function meeting the needs of student life, academics, and athletics.