Stormwater Mapping - Bentonville, AR

With government agencies steadily increasing stormwater regulations, cities must maintain an inventory of their entire stormwater network. To comply with these regulations, the City of Bentonville hired Crafton Tull to develop stormwater mapping for the entire City. Crafton Tull prepared a Geographic Information System (GIS) database. Handheld GPS survey instruments and data collectors gathered the field survey data, which was then processed into a database format and linked to features shown on the map. Upon delivery, the City incorporated the database into its existing GIS website. The data included precise horizontal coordinates and flowline elevations for the location of all pipes, curb inlets, and other drainage features located in the City.  Bentonville's GIS mapping, including the new stormwater features, can be viewed at The mapping is useful for city personnel, utility companies, consulting engineers, and the general public. In 2008, the project won an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) AR chapter.