Haynesville Shale Play

The discovery of the Haynesville Shale Play has been compared to the gold rush as companies scramble to lease land and obtain mineral rights in the area. It is estimated that this shale area extends over 3 million acres from northwest Louisiana into east Texas.

Crafton Tull provided surveying for pipeline right-of-way acquisition in the Haynesville Shale Play area of DeSoto, Bossier, Caddo, and Red River parishes in Louisiana. Our personnel have surveyed over 1.5 million linear feet of natural gas pipeline routes. Acquisition documents are prepared on the basis of section breakdown computations using Bureau of Land Management (BLM) procedures and boundary evidence located in the field. We used these procedures to complete section breakdown on over 100 sections. Using original government notes and plats, USGS quadrangle sheets, and recent aerial photography, we provided evidence that original corners were located, flagged, and documented for precise location by GPS and Trimble robotic equipped field personnel. The terrain is made up of dense piney woods and wetlands, requiring extensive topographic surveys of levees, roads/highways, creeks, and major rivers. The right of way is staked, legal descriptions for acquisition are written and recorded, and required exhibits are drafted. An important deliverable is the ownership parcel map which includes land and parcel boundaries, ownership and record title data, pipeline location and acquisition tract dimensions. The entire operation, including data preparation and transmission is conducted on a GIS platform – AutoCAD Civil3D.